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The Cost

The cost of drafting a Spanish power of attorney for one individual person or two people is £130.00 with no VAT needing to be added on top because Anglo-Spanish Law is not VAT registered.

In addition to drafting a power of attorney it will need to be notarised. The cost is £75.00 per person, or per married / cohabiting couple, provided the couple attend at the same signing session. It is the running of multiple signing sessions that takes the time and is to be avoided. Again, no VAT is charged because Anglo-Spanish Law is not VAT registered.

For a Spanish power of attorney to be valid for use in Spain it needs to be legalised or apostilled by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office are currently charging £30.00 per document, plus £5.50 postage. In effect, the total cost for getting a Spanish power of attorney done as a stand-alone service is £240.50. For now, and until further notice, this option is currently not available. Only the £310.00 and £410.00 options are available at present.

Sometimes people are in a great hurry to get a power of attorney done quickly. Provided Royal Mail and others do their job competently the job can be done in something approaching one week. The cost is an additional £75.00. This is currently not a popular option, but what is a good option for people in a hurry is, for a total cost in fees and disbursements of just £410.00, for the duly legalised / apostilled document to be couriered to Spain using the services of DHL or FedEx. From signing to getting the document to its destination in Spain can take around just a week. The actual time cannot be guaranteed, but on past experience it tends to be around that time.

Sometimes people granting a Spanish power of attorney, (donors), are housebound or otherwise unable to travel to the office of the notary public, Mr E R Wagner. Two possibilities exist: (i) Mr Wagner can travel to the donor or donors of the Spanish power of attorney. The cost is a very competitive £35.00 an hour with no VAT on top. Alternatively, (ii) the job can be done remotely by having Mr E R Wagner liaise with another notary public based closer to where the donors are. The cost is £75.00 for Mr Wagner to liaise with the local notary public and / or provide detailed instructions to the donor and / or the other notary on what needs to be done, plus the fee the local notary public will charge. What different notaries charge varies from notary public to notary public. This second procedure is only really available when the signing has to take place abroad, eg the United States of America or in some remote corner of the United Kingdom / British Isles. For the vast majority of cases the preferred procedure is for Mr Wagner to get in the car and travel to see the donor, even if in theory there might be a saving in cost / money in having another notary public do the signing. Firstly, the saving in cost is often not all that much, secondly, documents are sent back and forth by post with the risk and costs in time and money that go with that, and, thirdly, the notary doing the signing is also a source of mistakes. The more people and organisations involved, the greater the cost in time and money, and the greater the risk of mistakes creeping in.

The job of doing Spanish powers of attorney when the attesting of the donor's signature is done by Mr Wagner is done in Mr Wagner's capacity as an English notary regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. For more details click Home page.

Phone Mr Wagner on 01433-631508, preferably between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm Monday to Friday for written terms and conditions of business to be sent to you.




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