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It is currently not considered to be tax efficient to own immovable property in Spain through a Spanish limited liability company.

In short, if you are buying a property in Spain as a home, whether it be just for holidays or to live there full-time, then, at present, you should probably be buying it as more or less everybody does and click “English & Spanish Conveyancing”.

If you are an English company seeking payment of an invoice from another business in Spain the legal framework is the Código de Comerco, not the Spanish Código Civil or Civil Code.

The time-limits in the Código de Comercio are often absurdly tight, rarely making it viable to try and run a case from England.

The solution is to instruct a Spanish firm based in Spain.

The same solution is the better way forward for someone wanting to set up a company in Spain. There is little value that Anglo-Spanish Law can add to the matter in England.

Anglo-Spanish Law does have some knowledge and experience of both England and Spanish Company Law, and it has proven to be valuable in the context of a larger transaction, such as a probate, but not as a “stand alone” service.

Spanish powers of attorney signed in front of Mr Wagner acting in his capacity as a notary public is work that is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The rest of the work done here is not regulated by either the Faculty Office or the Solicitors Regulation Authority / Law Society. If all attempts at mediation / dispute resolution fail it is open to clients to sue Anglo-Spanish Law in the County Court or the High Court of England & Wales.


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