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This is where a notary public checks the ID of a person appearing before the notary, the client then signs the document, and then the notary both signs and seals the document. The fee is £115.00 without any VAT needing to be added on top because Anglo-Spanish Law is not VAT registered.

Sometimes a document that needs notarising also needs legalising or apostilling. Unless agreed otherwise, getting this done is the responsibility of the client. Where the job is done by Anglo-Spanish Law and a quick turn around time is needed / desired of around one week the total cost in fees and disbursements is £105.00 (on top of the £115.00 for the notarising).

Simply notarising a document as a stand-alone service is not something that is done often by Mr Wagner. It is very rarely the five minute job that people usually think it is or should be, and I am normally too busy to consider taking it on.

The job of notarising a document is done in Mr Wagner's capacity as an English notary regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. For more details click Home page.





Disclaimer: The content of this website does not form part of the contract for services between Anglo-Spanish Law and clients.