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It is an unfortunate fact of life that some people suffer from mental incapacity and are unable to make use of their property in Spain.

For full information on English Court of Protection issues contact Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors. Their website is Click on the following link Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors.

Anglo-Spanish Law can provide advice and assistance in getting an appropriately worded order from the Court of Protection enabling a property in Spain to be sold, plus get the property sold.

For advice and assistance in getting an appropriately worded order from the Court of Protection, plus get the property sold, the cost is very approximately £5,000.00 in fees for Anglo-Spanish Law plus disbursements.

Assuming that the client pays directly the Court of Protection the fees charged by the Court of Protection and the fees of the firm of solicitors actually getting the order, the disbursements that will have to be paid via Anglo-Spanish Law will include the fees of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, the Spanish lawyer in Spain, an estate agent in Spain, possibly a professional valuer in Spain, the notary, (although usually payable by the purchaser of the property in Spain), the property registrar, (again, usually payable by the purchaser of the property in Spain), a Spanish energy performance certificate, (obligatory when selling a property in Spain), the main taxes, including state capital gains tax and the municipal capital gains tax, often known as the plusvalía.

It takes months to get an appropriately worded court order in place. How long a property takes to sell depends on many factors, but, on past experience, location and price are key. An overpriced product in a poor location won't sell. Overpriced properties in prime locations tend to generate interest. Even rock bottom priced properties in poor locations tend not to generate interest. As a general rule, with the exception of the capital, Madrid, Spain is depopulating in the interior.

Spanish powers of attorney signed in front of Mr Wagner acting in his capacity as a notary public is work that is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The rest of the work done here is not regulated by either the Faculty Office or the Solicitors Regulation Authority / Law Society. If all attempts at mediation / dispute resolution fail it is open to clients to sue Anglo-Spanish Law in the County Court or the High Court of England & Wales.

For detailed terms and conditions of business to be sent, please phone Mr Wagner on 01433-631508, preferably between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm Monday to Friday.



Disclaimer: The content of this website does not form part of the contract for services between Anglo-Spanish Law and clients.