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Anglo-Spanish Law does not normally offer Spanish conveyancing as a "stand alone" service. Spanish conveyancing is normally a valuable, integral, part of a Spanish probate or a Court of Protection case or some other larger transaction requiring conveyancing skills.

Very occasionally Anglo-Spanish Law does Spanish conveyancing as a stand alone service where clients are based in England and have absolutely no meaningful prior knowledge of Spain or the Spanish legal system.

Anglo-Spanish Law does not normally offer English conveyancing as a stand alone service. It has proven to be a valuable office skill in larger matters such as property litigation or English probate, but Anglo-Spanish Law cannot compete on price with the often completely unqualified fee-earners employed by some firms for stand alone English conveyancing.

For an experienced, friendly, cost-effective estate agent on the island of Tenerife contact Lisa Maunder of Los Cristianos properties, click "Los Cristianos Properties" and on the Costa del Sol contact Adolfo Fernández at ACM, click "ACM".



Anglo-Spanish Law recommends that you do not buy a standard unit from a Spanish developer. The contracts are often skewed in favour of the developer. It is impossible to get them to deviate from their standard form. If, as very often happens, the builder is behind schedule there are no meaningful remedies available. Similarly with defects in the materials and workmanship employed. Their office staff are often arrogant and uncomprehending. They go bust, particularly during recessions. There are often comparable properties already built for sale, and which normally have their paperwork fully in order.

The only time that it makes sense to buy a property that still has to be built is if you want something that is really your own creation. You'll have to buy a plot of land on which you are allowed to build a villa, take on an architect to prepare some plans that are then drawn up in accordance with your wishes, and get the appropriate planning permission before even considering getting the foundations dug. Developers might be able to assist in that regard, although there will be an extra cost involved.



Where Anglo-Spanish Law is providing Spanish conveyancing as a stand alone service the fees of Anglo-Spanish Law are £1750.00 for the conveyancing with no VAT on top because Anglo-Spanish Law is not VAT registered, plus the cost of providing assistance in getting a Número Identificación de Extranjeros or Foreigner's Identification Number, commonly called an NIE, plus the cost of a Spanish Power of Attorney.

The disbursements include the cost of, amongst other things, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the taxes, the fees of the Spanish lawyer, notary and property registrar in Spain.

The total cost, in fee and taxes, of buying a "second hand" property in Spain is usually around 12 or 13 per cent of the purchase price, and it takes months just to get to the point where "completion", ie the signing of the purchase deed, plus handing over of the property, can be said to have taken place. Registration takes longer.

The job of doing any Spanish power of attorney in a Spanish conveyance when the donor's signature is witnessed by Mr Wagner is done in Mr Wagner's capacity as an English notary regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. For more details click Home page.

For detailed terms and conditions of business to be sent to you please phone Mr Wagner on 01433-631508, preferably between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm Monday to Friday.


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