If non Spanish people have an immovable property in Spain, or even just a bank account, they need an NIE or Foreigners Identification Number. On the relevant form it says Número de Identidad de Extranjeros. Elsewhere NIE stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjeros. An NIE doubles up as an NIF or Número de Identidad / Identificación Fiscal.

Anglo-Spanish Law cannot get NIEs for people, but can give advice and assistance in getting them. The cost of the advice and assistance provided by Anglo-Spanish Law is £75.00 per NIE.

In order for advice and assistance to be given, the person requiring an NIE must send to Anglo-Spanish Law a photocopy of the relevant pages of their passport, ie the page(s) with their photograph and signature, their current address in the UK, their telephone number, the full names of their parents, the reason for needing an NIE, (eg inheriting a property in Spain, buying a property in Spain), and a cheque for £75.00 payable to Anglo-Spanish Law for each person requiring an NIE. If, therefore, two people need advice and assistance, the cheque should be for £150.00 and made payable to Anglo-Spanish Law.

The address to send the above to is 6 Lower Burch Row, Eyam, Hope Valley, Sheffield, S32 5QF.