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Running a Spanish Civil Litigation case from England is currently a very high risk operation for Anglo-Spanish Law, and is, therefore, regrettably, no longer a service provided by Anglo-Spanish Law.

It is to be hoped that The Law Society of England & Wales, the UK government and the Spanish government get together to come up with some rules that allow firms in England & Wales to run civil litigation cases profitably in Spain at a reasonable level of risk, because the rules as currently drafted in effect mean that English firms will handle one case, get their fingers burnt, and never touch Spanish Civil Litigation again.

The rules as currently drafted leave English people living in England close to defenceless when faced with the loss of their villa in Spain, disputes with developers, enforcing contracts and such like matters.

The problem isn't just Spain, it is also England. In fact, it is the considered opinion of Mr Wagner that the main fault really lies with England and some English rules that are well meant, but which in practice mean that this kind of work cannot be touched.

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